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Do you know you can live an Extraordinary Life? 
Would you be open to choose it?
Are you ready to make the necessary Shifts? 
Leadership With Awareness is a cutting-edge space for "YOU" if you Choose to BE someone who:

Creates your own Reality.  
Desires to live a fulfilling & purposeful Life.
Lives a life full of Experiences, Growth, and Contribution ...

In other words, you BEcome a 
Join a community of "World Changers" enhancing their personal and entrepreneurial lives!
Transformational Education 
For your Daily Practices ...
Is there something you'd like to "Experience" in your Life?  Are there any areas you'd like to "Grow" and "Learn"?  Where would you like to "Contribute"?   Are you ready to "Participate" in Life?   Are you ready to be the Protagonist of your Life?   

You can choose to BE a Leader (someone who initiates and "Makes Things Happen") or 
a Victim (someone who "makes excuses ..." )  

Discover Tools, Strategies, Methods and Experiences from the world’s leading experts to help you elevate your PERSPECTIVE and therefore your REALITYRESULTS
Meet Esperanza Montalvo, Author
Communications & Leadership Specialist 
Founder and your host at 
Leadership With Awareness.
We bring you Training and Resources (Tools, Methods, Strategies & personal-learning experiences) from our industry experts.   

You will learn to Shift and Elevate your Perspective, Enhance your Skills, and Create your Extraordinary Life.   

You'll become a Leader with Awareness.

I also created a FREE Facebook Group 
to serve women who are Career Professionals or Entrepreneurs facing Stress & Anxiety and are ready, willing and committed to make a Shift towards
 "their Best Life" 

Come join us here
“Effective people lead their lives and manage their relationships around principles; ineffective people attempt to manage their time around priorities and their tasks around goals. 
Think effectiveness with people; efficiency with things.”

― Stephen R. Covey, Principle-Centered Leadership

Why Leadership With Awareness?
  •  Discover why you haven't created what you so much desire.
  •  Discover your biggest barrier and how to remove it.
  •  Most importantly, Get the Perspective, Mindset, Resources and Support that helps you BE a Leader with Awareness and create your Extraordinary Life (however you choose to define it). 
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