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Esperanza Montalvo
Int'l Communications and Leadership Specialist - Author & Coach.   
Let's Join Forces and Impact The World!
From the Desk of Esperanza Montalvo
Creating A Vision Is One Thing.
Turning it into a Reality is quite another ... 

When I first began the Leadership With Awareness (LWA) project, I met with lots of skepticism and resistance. I persisted, though, and slowly, patiently, LWA earned broad public support for its Vision – Transforming One Million People. More specifically, developing Leaders with Awareness:

A Leader with Awareness, that is:

“Someone who takes 100% responsibility for their Reality and Results, and lives in Joy -- always growing, experiencing new things, and contributing to others; in other words, Impacting and inspiring the world with their example.

So now, LWA is expanding exponentially.   People finally realized that this Centre (in “Hopeland”) is unique in the world – is good for adults, for children, and in turn, “Hopeland” is a recognized gathering place for lovers of Leadership, Growth, Advancement, Transformation, Life, Joy, variety of Experiences, Creativity, and Contribution – and from all around the globe.
It’s a “grand” idea and vision, and I’m pouring my heart and soul into making this reality - together with the LWA Team.  It is available to those who are ready for the Extraordinary Life.   A possibility for everyone!

Yes, How Far we have Come ...

By nature, I am not an introspective woman. All my life I’ve been a Visionary, a builder, a creator.   Even now, I still charge forward and rarely look back.   And yet there are some days, like this one, when I do slow down and pause to reflect.   And then I am amazed by all we have accomplished:
Say, 2 years ago, there was no leadership training or coaching for the Spanish speaking community here in Calgary, Canada – I mean, as a business possibility -- online or offline.

There was little awareness of the joys and value of investing in personal and leadership development – for business or career.

There was no much consciousness on the value of Coaching, that is, Coaches who were dedicated to helping others transform others’ non-serving Mindsets and beliefs.
Yes, how far we’ve come. How much we’ve learned along the way.
People often ask me, “Esperanza, what are the secrets to your success? What are the biggest lessons you have to share with people who are starting out or trying to remake their lives?”
In my philosophy of life there are some basic principles that I believe lead to success in Business – and in almost every life endeavour.

To succeed in business or in life what you need – from my Perspective is:

• A belief in Infinite Possibilities and the Abundant Provision. 

• A commitment to your Vision, and;

• The Courage to Fail, Get up, Face your Fears, and Continue with Determination.

On top of this foundation, there are 15 other qualities that have served me well, and I think of them now as the basic components of my philosophy for success:

1.  Most importantly, you must have confidence and faith in yourself – which comes when you know that there is a Power within you – In my case, I connect and “Listen” to the Holy Spirit for ALL my decisions.

2.  whatever you choose to do, make a commitment to excel, and then pour yourself into it with your heart and soul and complete dedication.

3.  interest is not enough – you must be passionate about what you do, if you want to succeed and have a joyful life. Find the type of work you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

4.   Establish a goal just beyond what you think you can do. When you achieve that, establish another and another. This will teach you to embrace risk.

5.   Share your knowledge and experience with others. I always have confidence that there is always enough room for all of us.

6.  Generosity pays, so learn to initiative giving. What you give will enrich your life and come back to you many times over.

7.  Only make promises and commitments you know you can keep. A broken promise can damage your credibility and reputation beyond repair.

8.  You must understand that you cannot change people. You might be able to influence them a little, but you can’t change anyone but yourself. So accept people the way they are. Accept their differences and try to work with them as they are. I learned this late in life, and it is amazing what peace of mind I found when I finally understood it.

9.  To live and work in harmony, don’t be judgmental. Instead, cultivate tolerance, empathy, and compassion. And never put others down, especially children, in front of their friends. This can be very damaging to them. As I’ve learned, if you want to teach someone to fly, you don’t start by clipping his/her wings.

10. Each of us experience the same thing in very different ways. Two people can live through the exact same experience and come away with totally different understanding of what happened. So between people, there is always a large space for misunderstanding. Always be alert for misunderstandings and treat them lightly, especially when it comes to politics, religion, or moral standards.

11.  It is very important to understand one another. We need to learn how to bridge those spaces of misunderstanding. To do this, listen carefully, and when we talk, be sure people understand you. On important issues, have people repeat back to you what you’ve said, to make sure there are no area of confusion or conflict.

12.  Rarely will you find completely harmony between two human beings. If you find it, maintaining this harmony requires individuals to have complete confidence in one another. Make time to be alone, to share experiences and appreciate together precious moments and beauty of life. Open all of yourself to that person – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. And always, always leave time to play and laugh.
13.  In both life and work, stay flexible. It works within a community, a company, or a family. Dictatorship and rigidity rarely work. Freedom and elasticity do.

14.  Always stay positive. And remember this: ‘Everything’ that has been built and you are enjoying right now was built with the “Can-do Spirit” -- otherwise, it would just be a dream….
15.  Out of all mistakes of my past, I’ve learned one final lesson, and I’d like to see it engraved on the desk of every business leader, Teacher and Parent:

“The greatest Leaders do not Rule. They INSPIRE”

All of these lessons I learned from my own experience – and as I often say:

Creating a successful business is an Art and I believe is true of life.   Living the Extraordinary Life is an art form.    And learning this Art requires Time, Patience, and Passion -- Learning the Art of Life also requires a heart that is not directed by fears or prejudices.  Instead, it is open and accepting and filled with compassion.


Esperanza Montalvo
Founder of
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